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International network of artists' programs in science and industry research lab


DISONANCIAS 2007/08, Catalogue (2008)

Grupo Xabide (Ed.), 2008.

The catalogue presents nine projects that were developed between October 2007 and July 2008, investigating products, services, materials, methods or organisational models and reflecting their research in prototypes. At the time of publication, most of the collaborations between artists and research teams are still ongoing, outside the DISONANCIAS framework.

DISONANCIAS 2006/07, Catalogue (2007)

Artists-in-Labs: Processes of Inquiry (2006)

Is "digital art" Western ? Digital art or the utopia of "world art"? Part 3 : Relationship between R&D and Art (2006)

ITEM review. Research: the Itemisation of creative knowledge (2006)

ARt&D. Research and Development in Art (2005)

Portrait de l'artiste en travailleur (2002)

Information arts, intersections of art, science and technology (2002)

L'œuvre Net Art, l'Artiste et l'Informaticien : le partage du processus créatif (2001)

Etude sur les structures soutenant des arts électroniques en France (2001)

Culture Numérique en Europe (1999)

Art and Innovation. The Xerox Parc Artist-in-residence program (1999)

Pathway to innovation in Digital Culture (1999)

The Early Computer Arts at Bell Labs (1999)

Cyberculture (1997)

Experiments in Art and Technology Proceedings (1969)

Art and Science: Two Worlds Merge (1967)