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International network of artists' programs in science and industry research lab


One the Artsactive aims has been to try to develop ways of evaluating and assessing the impact of artistic contributions to what is broadly called 'innovation'. We acknowledge there are many different ways in which this can be done and we are keen to explore and discuss this spectrum. One key area of analysis is how and to what degree legal systems are being used to support or exploit this contribution. 

To start the process of investigation we are looking at how and where the patenting system has been used within collaborations or by artists who have been working with science, technology or business. One question we might raise is to what extent the filing of patents (and building examples and models of this) can help to boost the profile of artists as formal researchers within art and science and art and industry/technology collaborations. This list wish to promote the idea that artists are also investigators and we seek to offer examples of how and where artists have been formally recognised as such. Registering a patent is a specific way of demonstrating that an investigation is new and innovative. 

We are keen to find other examples and also in future we would like to find examples of other ways in which the law has been used, if at all, within members' projects. 

The following list considers three types of patents (either pending patents or filled patents): 
(*) Patents related to the artistic work
(**) Patents related to other professional activities of the artist
(***) Patents related to both artistic work and professional activity.

If you wish to add information in this list and/or discuss this subject, please send us an email to info[at]

Patrice Moullet

Jacques Rémus

Rasheed Araeen

George Maciunas

Nicolas Schöffer

Robert J. Lang

Koji Takei

Sydney Hyman

Donna J. Cox

Maurice Benayoun

Tony Brooks

Richard Brown

Nancy Burson

Jim Campbell

Stewart Dickson

Thomas D. Ditto a.k.a. Thomas D. DeWitt

Hubert Duprat

Konrad Fischer-Lueg

Scott Hessles

Charles Hobermam

Ethelyn Honig

Tom Igoe

David A. Jaffe

Luke Jerram

Christoph Keller

Yves Klein

Golan Levin

David MacConville

Frank Malina

Steve Mann

Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer

Hideki Nakazawa

Ryan and Trevor Oakes

Maggie Orth

Stephen Pevnick

Catherine Richards

Joachim Sauter

Joseph Scanlan

Steven Schkolne

Scott Snibbe

Superflex (Rasmus Nielsen, Jakob Fenger and Bjørnstjerne Christiansen)

Takis P. Vassilakis

Jean Tinguely

Martin Wattenberg

Stephen Wilson